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A catalyst for organizational culture change.

Organizational culture always has room to grow. Whether yours is good-but-could-be-better or unhealthy and in need of serious improvement, Seneca can help you build and sustain a healthier work environment.

A radical departure from the world of PowerPoint and handbook-driven training, Seneca’s acclaimed leadership development and team building programs bring more humanity, compassion, and genuine connections to your workplace—because life’s too short to hate where you work.

Why choose Seneca?

We believe the “Work You” and “Home You” should be the same.

It might sound obvious, but you are you, whether you’re at home or at work. If you’re unhappy at work, that bleeds over into being unhappy at home, and vice versa. Everything we teach has broader—and positive—impacts on every part of your life.

We don’t believe in sugarcoating.

We have firsthand experience with bad bosses, gossipy teams, and disconnected leaders hiding in their corner suites. We get it—and we also know that beating around the bush doesn’t make things better. So we’ll tell it like it is, even if it makes things uncomfortable.

We address a core issue impacting corporate culture behavior.

Bad behavior often goes unaddressed, especially in corporate cultures, but it’s ultimately the root cause of culture problems. All the executive development and team building training in the world won’t save you if you let misbehaviors go unchecked, which is why we tackle this subject head-on in every Seneca experience.

We practice what we preach.

Everything you’ll go through with Seneca, we’ve been through it too. Our facilitators speak from their personal experiences, and they help you draw connections by tying it back to our own transformation, struggles, and path to redemption.

Our Seneca suite of executive leadership and
team building training programs:

Seneca Leaders logo

A radical two-day experience for leaders ready to step out of their comfort zone and own the role they play in their personal growth and company culture.

Seneca Roots logo

Designed to complement Seneca Leaders, this team building training creates a shared understanding of culture and gets the entire organization on the same page.

Seneca in Practice logo

For those ready to commit to culture transformation for the long term, this digital toolkit gives you the resources you need to maintain momentum.

Seneca Teams logo

For teams ready to spearhead their own change, this high-impact team building workshop emphasizes engagement and honesty to help improve performance.

Bring humanity back℠

About Us

The Seneca Series of executive leadership development and team building training programs  are brought to you by Softway, a leading corporate culture change consulting agency based in Houston, Texas