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When it comes to crappy culture,
we speak from experience.

In 2016, amid massive layoffs and maxed out lines of credit, Softway almost closed for good. Our leadership team was so focused on what was concrete, like corporate objectives and bottom lines, that they failed to see the real issue: people didn’t like coming to work. And while Softway had company values, they were just words on a page—nice to look at, but rarely put into action.

With only a few months of runway left, our CEO knew he had to do something drastic to save the company. He decided to start practicing a new form of leadership, one focused on empathy, compassion, and love. It started small—sharing half his lunch with employees, writing handwritten notes of thanks, and staying late with teams to support them where he could—but other leaders soon followed suit. Morale began to improve. Our team began to trust each other. From there, the products and services we offer got better because our team cared about their work—and our clients took note.

Bringing humanity back to our workplace wasn’t easy, natural, or comfortable, but it saved our organization. Even if your company isn’t facing a threat of closure like Softway was, building a great culture can help you protect what matters most: your people. So we took what we learned from our own transformation and created Seneca to help other organizations begin their journey.

Since its inception, we’ve taken over 1,000 managers, supervisors, and executives from 46 countries through the Seneca suite of organizational culture services and leadership development programs. Whatever you’re struggling with, we’re here to help you and your leaders, teams, and entire organization step outside your comfort zone to rebuild a company culture based on trust, inclusion, and support.

Why choose Seneca?

We practice what we preach title

Everything you’ll go through with Seneca, we’ve been through it too. Our Houston, Texas based organizational culture consultants speak from their personal experiences, and they help you draw connections by tying it back to our own transformation, struggles, and path to redemption.

We address the root cause of toxic culture behaviors title

Personal behavior often goes unaddressed, especially in corporate cultures, but it’s ultimately the root cause of culture problems. All the training in the world won’t save you if you let misbehaviors go unchecked, which is why we tackle this subject head-on in every Seneca experience.

We don’t believe in sugarcoating title

We have firsthand experience with bad bosses, gossipy teams, and disconnected leaders hiding in their corner suites. We get it—and we also know that beating around the bush doesn’t make things better. So our Houston, Texas based organizational culture consultants will tell it like it is, even if it makes things uncomfortable.

We believe work you and home you should be the same title

It might sound obvious, but you are you, whether you’re at home or at work. If you’re unhappy at work, that bleeds over into being unhappy at home, and vice versa. Everything we teach has broader—and positive—impacts on every part of your life.

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