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No one should dread going to work.

A team that throws you under the bus. A boss who enjoys putting you on the spot. “Fun” office additions that are only there to woo new hires. An unhealthy culture like this one bleeds into your personal life, making you feel bitter and angry. You can’t even enjoy your weekend, because you know that you’re heading right back into the grind on Monday morning.

Our approach.

If you’re this unhappy at work, you’re probably wishing that you could scrap your company’s culture and start from scratch—and do it right this time. Well, that’s exactly what Seneca was created to do. We’ll get you, your manager, and your team to step outside comfort zones, reflect on existing culture, and commit to improving—or even rebuilding it—together. We emphasize the importance of each person reaffirming that commitment, because we all have a role to play in creating a better place to work. Ultimately, we’ll help you bring humanity back to your workplace, so you can feel like you have the support you need to do your job well.

Many of us have been in less than desirable work environment for years, and we no longer recognize how unhealthy it is. This type of culture can make you feel uncomfortable going to your manager with a personal issue, or maybe make you avoid asking questions because you fear being judged. Instead of a manager who’s invested in your development, you might have one that only meets with you to get your quarterly review off their to-do list. And plain and simple, you might feel queasy and anxious on Sunday nights. In any case, you (and your team) deserve better. 

How healthy is your work culture?

We focus on:

Giving and receiving feedback icon

Giving and receiving feedback

When you’ve been in an unhealthy work environment, you come to fear feedback. We’ll show you how giving and receiving feedback respectfully will change how you work with everyone in your organization.

Blame and misbehaviors icon

Blame and misbehaviors

We cultivate the skills that we all need to resist the urge to fall back on the same misbehaviors and the tendency to blame others.

Vulnerability and trust icon

Vulnerability and trust

We help build vulnerability-based trust, where everyone feels they can be themselves without retaliation or judgment.

Accountability icon


We show organizations how they can mutually hold each other accountable for their actions.

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