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Unhealthy culture
makes your job harder.

For those in Human Resources, a workplace culture that sucks is—unfortunately—your problem. You’re the one that has to conduct the endless exit interviews, you’re the one stuck constantly recruiting for a new position, and you’re the one trying to get candidates to overlook some less-than-favorable reviews. Most of the time, you feel caught between a rock and a hard place. You’ve likely tried to sound the alarms as your best and brightest jump ship, but we bet your concerns have fallen on deaf ears.

Toxic workplace cultures have driven 20% of US employees out of their jobs in the past five years—at a turnover cost greater than $223 billion. When employees are engaged, turnover lowers by 24%.

Our approach.

We start by discussing your biggest pain points: turnover, hiring challenges, team member morale, out of touch leadership. From there, our team comes together to customize a journey for your company and give you the tools you need to get buy-in. By the time we wrap up with Seneca, you’ll be able to sell the benefits of your company, knowing that employees and leaders have committed to the same culture change.

We focus on:

Introspection icon


We cultivate the introspection
muscle to help employees
understand the “why” behind
their behaviors.

Misbehaviors icon


We address the root cause of misbehaviors and practice skills to keep ourselves and those around us from falling back into unhealthy patterns.

Vulnerability and trust icon

Vulnerability and trust

We help teams build vulnerability-based trust, where everyone feels they can be themselves without retaliation or judgment.

Inclusion icon


We emphasize the importance of a work environment in which all individuals are treated fairly, have equal access, and are truly heard by leadership and colleagues.

“The way that we behave with each other can sometimes become very formalized, very structured, very rigid. Stepping back and learning that we’re all human is the reminder we all need.”

— Seneca Leaders® attendee

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