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Like it or not, culture is everything.

Right now, you might feel like there’s some invisible force that’s constantly sabotaging your company culture. Well, we're here to tell you that this "invisible force" is you.

As a leader, you define the culture of your organization. Partly by showing your team which bad behaviors you’re willing to tolerate, and by behaving in a certain way—positive or negative—that molds how people act around you and each other. That culture then shapes how people and teams work together, and the output of those working relationships ties directly to revenue growth, operational efficiency, and cost containment.

Whichever way you look at it, a leader has a monumental role to play.

Happier, more engaged employees do better work and generate 21% in additional profitability. However, a recent survey found that few organizations are focused on building a healthy culture.


Do not address toxicity issues.


Do not allocate funding to promote a healthy workplace.


Will not increase their emphasis on addressing toxicity in the coming years.

Our approach.

Among recent survey respondents, 58% said they left a job because of their managers—and no amount of snacks or extra vacation days can fix that kind of culture.

For leaders ready to step out of their comfort zone and own the role they play in their company culture and future success, we recommend starting with Seneca Leaders, a radical and immersive two-day experience for leaders and influencers. Then, to help your culture changes stick, we suggest complementing your training with Seneca Roots for your organization.

We focus on:

Introspection icon


We cultivate the introspection muscle to help employees understand the “why” behind their behaviors.

Servant leadership icon

Servant leadership

We help you build a trusting and inclusive workplace by putting others first and practicing empathy and gratitude.

Psychological safety icon

Psychological safety

We showcase just how easy it is to create or destroy psychologically safe environments.

Mindset and attitudes icon

Mindsets and attitudes

We show you how something that sounds as simple as changing mindsets and attitudes can be a catalyst for broader change.

“Leadership in its truest form is not about us, it’s about the people that we serve.”

— Seneca Leaders® attendee

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