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What is Seneca?

Our suite of products includes single-day and multi-day events, workshops, keynotes, and long-term engagements that bring cultural sustainment to the forefront.

Seneca is a catalyst for culture change—no matter how good (or bad) your culture may be.

Unlike most culture change consultants, we’re not here to beat you over the head with overly complicated academic theories or concepts—just time-tested practical approaches that can help improve (and hopefully transform) your company culture.

We teach concepts that resonate with a global workforce.

For companies in the midst of transformation, unity is key. We are a leading Houston, Texas based culture consulting agency and we’ve taught Seneca across the globe to people from 46 countries, and the message resonates with employees on a human level whether they’re in Singapore, London, or Buenos Aires.

What we teach isn’t rocket science, but it’s clear that an emphasis on compassion and humanity is exactly what our participants crave—regardless of race, religion, political affiliation, gender identity, or otherwise. Beyond physically bringing people together, any Seneca product helps employees of different backgrounds understand how they can live and work together more harmoniously.

Seneca is an atypical experience—in the best possible way.

Of our 1,000+ attendees (and counting), 96% agree that Seneca is a truly radical departure from any other training they’ve encountered. Every detail—from our musical playlist to our presentation style and even the food we serve—has been carefully thought through to give you a unique experience from your first “hello” to the high-fives we exchange when leaving.

We focus on personal reflection and behaviors, not on processes and tools.

Too often, specific company policies, processes, tools, or existing structures are used as excuses for old mindsets and harmful behaviors—whether or not they’re actually the root cause of widespread issues. At Seneca, our corporate culture consultants ask you to leave that baggage at the door and instead consider who you are as an individual and how you would like to grow in the future.

Seneca was designed to be a true catalyst for change.

We know that change is hard, so we don’t expect you to walk out as a totally new person. What we do expect is that you’ll recognize the role you play and find your own personal motivation for changing. From leaving a positive legacy to finding joy again at work, culture change consultants help you find the spark that spurs you forward.

“It’s encouraging to see the promotion of ideologies aligned with a healthy mind and spirit. Historically, work culture is often the antithesis of a healthy mental and spiritual life.”

— Seneca Roots® attendee

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Our Seneca suite of offerings:

Seneca Leaders logo

A radical two-day experience for leaders ready to step out of their comfort zone and own the role they play in their company culture.

Seneca Roots Logo

Designed to complement Seneca Leaders, this training creates a shared understanding of culture and gets the entire organization on the same page.

Seneca in Practice logo

For those ready to commit to culture transformation for the long term, this digital toolkit gives you the resources you need to maintain momentum.

Seneca Teams logo

For teams ready to spearhead their own change, this high-impact workshop emphasizes engagement and honesty to help improve performance.